The power of womanhood

I was watching my daughter asleep last night. She is the smartest funniest human being I know. Her confidence is the most striking thing about her. She doesnt give a damn what people think and says exactly what she feels. It got me thinking about the power of expectation on us as woman. We are described as emotional, bitchy and unable to be logical. Jokes are made about our driving and when a man rapes a woman society has a whole discourse about what she was wearing or drinking. Men must be manly and woman sweet and polite. Did we go backwards in equality or was equality hidden under the veneer of politeness and hope that if a woman was give something she would be quiet? Assertive woman are described as bitchy and single woman are seen as failures. A partner once told me that my pubic hair was dirty and disgusting. The pain and humiliation I felt still resonates with me as I write this. I consider myself successful and articulate. Yet I am crippled by self doubt and question every decision I make. Will people like me? Is it lady like? Will they take me seriously? Sounds and phrases run through my head daily. But something happened that night as I watched my daughter sleep. I realized that society fears a strong woman. We raise the future in our children. Life grows in us. So be the best you can be this week. Loud and proud. Find the voice you have in being a woman. Glorious in your imperfection..


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