The Power of a Day

I have a son who I do not often talk about. It isn’t the one who’s school bag I get to pack everyday or watch as he gives his all on the soccer field. The fact that I do not speak his name doesn’t make him any less loved or real. You see Sam never took a breath or opened his eyes. He was lost at 20 weeks. It was in that moment that I learnt the power of a day. As soul crushing and heart breaking as the experience was, it has also been life altering in that I have never realized tomorrow is never promised to us. To some this may sound terribly negative but this awareness if harnessed properly can be the catalyst we as humans need for change. To force us to realize to live in the moment, realizing that we need to be excellent in all we do because a redo might not be possible. Let us be mindful this week of opportunities big and small. Lets embrace the power each day brings to be a better us.


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